Infertility TCM treatment


Inability to conceive or maintain a pregnancy is a profoundly sad and distressing experience. Kindly contact me if you would like to know more about how acupuncture and osteopathy may support you.

From a traditional Western Osteopathic perspective, the body works well and does its job, when every part of it is correctly positioned and moves in right relationship with its neighbours. From an traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, the body's energy flows need to be dynamic and balanced.

When a body is examined carefully from both of these perspectives, there is always something that can be done to support your journey.

Traditional Chinese Medicine's (TCM) view of fertility is that the womb and embyro are nourished by "blood and qi". If the blood and qi are not reaching the womb sufficiently then infertility results. In TCM, appropriate treatment to restore qi and blood to womb is thought to restore fertility. Research carried out in China appears to back this up.

Here is an interesting article that appeared in the British Medical Journal. The results of reasearch suggest that acupuncture treatment, in conjunction with IVF, improves the success rate.

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