Fees & Available Refunds


Osteopathy & Cranial Osteopathy  €70 per treatment

Acupuncture  €70 per treatment

Combination treatment  €70 per treatment

One Hour treatment   €130 per treatment

Most insurance companies pay 50% of osteopathic and acupuncture fees, and the variation is not based on cost of scheme but on the correct choice. To check if your medical insurance should indeed cover osteopathy and acupuncture fees, to compare policies and know your rights regarding changing your policy and so forth you may click the button. A new window will open.

Health Insurance Authority

Revenue Ireland will refund 20% of osteopathic treatment fees whether or not you have medical insurance. For patients without medical insurance the 20% rebate  on the full €65 will be approximately €13, making fees €52 per treatment. There are certain rules which can be found on the revenue website ‘A Guide to claiming Health or Medical Expenses Relief’. A new window will open.

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 A letter from Irish Health Insurance

Your osteopathic appointment may, after available refunds, cost you only €20. Click on the link below to read a letter I received from Irish Health Insurance. Help is available even if your current policy does not cover osteopathic treatment.

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