Whiplash Injury


bigstock-Driver-Suffering-From-Whiplash-47469553This type of injury often follows a rear-end collision in a car. In this type of collision, first the body is carried forward and the head flips backwards. Then, as the body stops, the head is thrown forwards. If you don’t anticipate the crash, then you will not have braced before the impact and the injury may be worse as a result. If you were looking to one side or the other, or into the mirror then the impact will affect one side more than the other.

Following a whiplash injury there is often a delay before the pain and stiffness start. Although whiplash can badly damage your neck, the majority of people who suffer these shunt accidents do not have major damage. In many cases injuries feel better within a few weeks or months. However, it is very common for new symptoms to appear 5 weeks after Seat belts and properly adjusted headrests in cars have significantly reduced the damage from whiplash injuries.