Baby Whisperer!

Baby Whisperer!

We attended Gideon at Oak Clinic Osteopathy when our baby son was 2 months old and suffering from “Colic”. We as parents were not satisfied with the notion of a new born baby so distressed without apparent reason.

The advice from the others that he would “outgrow” it did little to reassure or comfort. As I had a traumatic birth I felt that there may be a connection between the birth and our baby’s distress. Gideon amazingly detected every strain and tension that existed in our son without any collateral from us before hand.

The results were outstanding. The “colic” disappeared after one session. Our baby slept through the night after the second session at 2 1/2 months and is thriving more and more with every day. Without doubt Gideon is the ultimate baby whisperer!!

We would strongly recommend parents attend with their babies for at least one session – after all it takes many many weeks for a mothers body to return to normal strenght post birth, its naive to assume a baby isn’t affected by the tough journey into this world

Eternally grateful – The Carey family