Hip Pain

hip painIt is possible that problems with your lower back can be referred to the hip area and also that hip pain itself may be referred to the lower back, thigh or groin area. Through a series of tests your osteopath will be  able to determine which structure is causing the problem.

The force required to walk, run or jump means our hip joints have to cope with more than our body’s own weight. To assist the hip, the ligaments, muscles, tendons and bursa help shield the joint. When one or more become inflammed through trauma or overuse, the hip does not function so well and is painful. Overuse can also cause the cartilage to wear away causing arthritis.

Athletes who do a lot of running may get hip and knee pain from inflammation of the iliotibial band and can certainly benefit from manual therapy with prescribed stretches to alleviate the problem.

Any condition that causes inflammation levels to rise in the body (rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc), may also affect the hip joint as the joint space is small and pressure inside it leads to pain and difficulty weight bearing.

Osteopathic treatment can support you in overcoming the discomfort from any of these and many other hip problems and work with you to restore optimum function.