cranial osteopathy



Gideon treats a newborn infant with Cranial Osteopathy


Baby's dad took the pictures whilst I treated his 2 day old daughter in their house. Mum is sitting on the bed and in some photos you can see her hands as we do a 4-hander cranial osteopathy technique. It is always good to  have mum help with a part of the treatment if possible.

  • Treatment beings with mother supporting her baby's body whilst I begin treatment on her head.
  • Treating the back of the head and spine
  • Baby moves and relaxes
  • Treating the front and back of baby's head and helping airways and head-neck connection.
  • Yikes! Actually it's fine. Baby stayed very relaxed and inversion helped to unwind spinal ligamentous tension. But don't try this on your own, as I am applying specific modulating forces with my hand holds.
  • In the good old days when we are inverted in the womb, this position is completely natural.
  • Gently placed back down and we wait and observe for a minute.
  • ... and then the smile comes!
  • sleepy now...