Knee injury & Pain

knee painThere are many possible causes of knee pain and taking an in depth case history looking at exactly where the pain is, how the injury happened and when it hurtsoften give important clues. Knee pain may be referred from the hip, ankle or lower back. The osteopath’s job is to conduct an examinatin and  make a correct diagnosis in order to treat the knee pain.

As well as joint tenderness and pain, an injured knee may click, give way, grind, lock or swell. Many different structures within the knee may be affected and gentle, targetted osteopathic treatment can re-engage your body’s ability to heal itself.

When the injury is very severe and surgical intervention is necessary, Osteopathy can support the healing process both before and after surgery. I have a special interest in knee trauma and rehabilitation as I have undergone an ACL reconstruction following a major sports injury.