Stress & Wellbeing

Our bodies, emotions and minds are capable of handling small doses of stress. Indeed, recent research has shown that human beings thrive in these stressful environments, becoming more adaptable, stronger and creative. However, too much stress for too long has a debilitating effect on our bodies, emotions and mental state.

There are times when the affects of stress on our systems cause more stress to develop, in a positive feedback loop, that makes it progressively harder to manage our personal daily challenges. We can develop headaches, migraine, neck, shoulder and lower back aches, irritable bowel syndrome, difficulty sleeping and so on.

When our body works well, the effects of stress can be significantly reduced. Osteopathy, and in particular Cranial Osteopathy, can help support our bodies to work well.

Many people come to us for relief of stress - both adults and, surprising to some, children (who are often stressed with performance/exam anxiety).