Shoulder Pain

shoulder painBeing the most moveable joint in the body also makes the shoulder relatively unstable. The shoulder needs to be firmly anchored by it’s muscles, ligaments and tendons and any injury or overuse can cause instability and pain. Injury can lead to underuse of the shouder and further instability problems and also ‘frozen shoulder’. Degeneration also causes pain and discomfort as do many diseases (such as gallbladder, liver or heart disease) any of which may cause pain to radiate to the shoulder. Restriction of movement in the shoulder has many possible causes and osteopathy can help identify and treat the parts of the shoulder affected to help support the body’s natural healing process.

Some occupations seem to be more prone to shoulder problems including any involving repetitive movements like cashiers, workers using keyboards for long periods, plasterers, hairdressers and also people exposed to vibration from machinery.

Athletes are susceptible to shoulder injuries, such as rotator cuff tears, supraspinatus tendinitis and subluxations. Especially those involved in throwing activites, contact sports like rugby and swimming or diving. Cyclists having sustained a fall often suffer ongoing instability problems.

Your osteopath will carry out extensive orthopaedic testing to find out what is causing the problem before commencing treatment. Aftercare advice will include stretches and exercises to help with rehabilitation of the injury.